10 Tools To a Fulfilled Life

let’s talk a “Fulfilled Life”. In life in general, there are people who live to the maximum potential and there are those who are content to passively pass through this extraordinary journey of life.

There are people standing at the edge of their lives who complain about how everything goes wrong and how difficult and complicated it all is. Hoping to take that step that could change everything.

And then there are the people who, day after day, put a nice “green cheque” on the last goal on their dream list .  They do it with a deep smile , they do it by embracing the people they love and trust that the next step, the one they are going to make will be even better .

Same thing happens in a work, there are people who do nothing to change their situation or do the bare minimum because they believe so much is already known by them.. ” there is little to do “, ” who am I to .. ” and ” in the end nothing will change “.

And then there are the people who transform adversity, problems and the crisis itself into the greatest opportunities from which to make the best out of it.

See, success is more than an idea . It is a state of mind, a way of thinking, the attitude with which you face life every single day.

Of course, “success” is personal and relative to each of us and the key to success is the attitude with which you choose to live your life and to seize the opportunities that life offers you in different forms. I discussed about this in my previous post on The 10 Key Rules to Success .

The most important to note is in every area of life there is never anything to take for granted because every situation that presents itself to you is an extraordinary lesson from which to learn something.

A fulfilled life is a life with value

Here are The 10 Tools To a Fulfilled Life


Listen to Your Instincts:

Your instinct is one of your most reliable innate senses . Usually you feel it sporadically, when you least expect it and when you need it most . There is no way to “turn it off” but we are all very good at following the chatter of the mind instead of our deep intuition.

Well, if you want to create a full life and real achievements, listen to it and follow it , it will be particularly useful in difficult situations, in understanding people and in making the right choice for yourself.

Develop an open mind about things you don’t Know:

This means to be curious and eager to try new things! Most people love to stay in their comfort zone and when they “get used” to that, they feel reluctant and “lazy” to change.

The best way to go about it is to “Stand out and embrace change” Yes, because times change and having an open mind to new ideas, being ready to do that different thing is what will make the difference to grant us a fulfilled life.

Accept the innovations and try to learn as much as possible:

As i said before, times change, time passes quickly and now is time to keep pace, at least as far as innovations are concerned because there is always new global challenges that are yet to be solved and this creates opportunities which are fundamental today.

The truth is that, if you can live quietly without knowing the latest information or the latest tends it will be very difficult to create a fulfilled life.

I am not suggesting that you become a nerd or run after the last novelty but keep an open mind, read, be informed, experiment and welcome the extraordinary creative ideas that will arise in your mind.

Contribute, share and donate wherever you can:

Have you ever heard that ” a great power involves great responsibilities “?

Never take success for granted. You may have worked so hard to achieve that result but now that you are in that position, now that you can, you can contribute to improving the lives of other people.

This does not mean giving away everything you have to those who are less fortunate, but sharing a success path, teaching a lesson, helping as you can, doing a bit of volunteering does no harm .. indeed, from experience and science, giving is a the most important keys to be happy.

There are people who will never have the opportunities you have. Open the door to them and be an example with your gestures, your behavior and your life. With very little effort you can achieve a fulfilled life because you have really change someone’s life.

Make Life Your Gym:

(Or your game, as I like to call it).

Learning the theory on books or at a seminar is only the beginning, the true lesson is learned when you go to action.

The theory and reflection help you to understand rationally the right thing to do and how but the real magic happens when you go to practice, when you test yourself in real time, you test your intuition, solve and overcome the challenges of life and you allow you to concretely explore your potential.

Remember, the theory without action is empty to render . Play your game, and do it now.

Take care of Yourself:

There is nothing more important than your health , peace of mind and psychological well-being .

It is only when you a really good health that you have the energy to improve your work and be at your best in any area of ​​your life .

Meditate, do sports, adopt a healthy lifestyle, eliminate negative things and thought from your life.

Do whatever it takes to always have your mind clear and focused , a toned and fit body by doing proper exercises, personal I recommend Vi Trainer App, it provides you with exercises that suit your lifestyle. Click here to download Vi Trainer App on your mobile device and get a free trial.

Treat others with Respect and Love:

Each relationship is based on the value you can bring into it. It is based on respect and trust.

This applies to both work and personal relationships . Remember, no one wants to feel used or treated as a means to an end.

If you want to create your successful and a fulfilled life, don’t be in a love relationship just because you are bored or feel insecure, don’t create business relationships for the sole purpose of making a career, it won’t happen. People perceive it.

You know, that famous “instinct” we were talking about earlier 😉

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Are you happy when someone appreciates you? Be the first to give sincere appreciation.

Make Self-analysis a Daily Habit:

In life you will go through many different phases, you will make mistakes, you will fall, you will encounter endless obstacles in the way of achieving your goals.

If you don’t do a constant self-analysis of the lessons learned , of the things you can do better, of those you don’t want to do anymore, you’ll risk living a “mediocre” and stagnant life.

Another thing to think about are the people you met, the kind of relationship you built and what you learned from your relationship.

There will be people to take as a model to be better in your turn , others that will make you understand who you don’t want to be and you will have the opportunity to reflect on the kind of relationship that is right for you. One thing for sure is that you can learn something fundamental from anyone.

The most beautiful thing though, is that it will also be essential to take note and celebrate your every little success and find the right charge and motivation to take yet another step towards the realization of a fulfilled life.

Find Your Passion and put in all Your Best :

Whatever you want to achieve will take time and energy.

Time is one of our most important allies and if we really want to “invest” in something, our energy and time will be the most important resources we can offer. This is why it is so important to choose a goal that you are deeply passionate about , that makes you wake up in the morning at the thought of reaching it.

(Check out 7 Ways to Transform Your Passion into a Side Business)

It is essential that is a pleasure and fun for you because you will have to put effort and lots of passion in it.

Nothing happens from day to night and if you really want something you don’t have to stop in front of any obstacle.

Finding your passion can be the most difficult part of this journey, but believe me, it is also part of the elements for a fulfilled life .

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