Mobile App to Burn Calories Quickly Doing Your Normal Daily Routine 2019

Introducing Vi Trainer mobile app which is the world’s first AI personal trainer. The system isn’t just another tracker; Vi learns and evolves over time, coaching and motivating users.

This fitness application designed for those with little or more time to devote to physical activity. Allowing users to perform simple “high density” circuit training exercises anywhere. Without the need for the use of particular or specific equipment. In fact, the app creates a custom program, for you i.e  it devises a training plan for you based on your data by connecting to Apple Health Kit and Google Fit so VI can understand your patterns, habits & abilities. With this information VI is able to tailor workouts just for you.

your own virtual mobile app trainer

Each workout is fun, immersive and designed to keep you motivated throughout your training. For each exercises in the app there is an explanatory video. A preview photo to check for example the right posture, and finally the real explanation step by step. Also video game, based on your training you can unlock real goals and share them on social media. Encouraging improvement and thus encouraging self-esteem.

VI Trainer Mobile App Free Trial:

The mobile app comes with a 7 – 14 days free trial (depending on your country) period when you download app on your iPhone or Android Device. At the end of your trial period, in order to avoid any interruptions to your workout routine your subscription will automatically renew and you will be charged at that time.

If you don’t want to continue with a subscription following the trial period, you simply need to cancel the subscription via your iTunes App Store account or your Google Play Store Account prior to the end of your trial period and if you want to keep enjoying the free trial period you just have to uninstall and reinstall to keep on having fun .

Conclusion :

This application allows all users to not be able to forget about daily training. In fact, thanks to the calendar part  VI Trainer offers two very important functions: It is possible to keep track of your workouts by entering the type.

Duration and observations relating to the completed session using an interface of very simple use, making sure to adjust for the following days.

Moreover, if for various reasons the user forgets to carry out his daily training, the application will remind you of this through an acoustic signal so that everything is done in a constant and correct manner, making sure that the results can be found as quickly as possible.

This is a real revolution for the “mobile fitness” that offers a very valid opportunity even to those who do not have the time to go to the gym.

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