Here is why your perfect website haven’t been ranked properly for SEO

Your Site Speed:

To date, the loading speed is not yet one of the most important factors in positioning (ranking) a site, but it is becoming. Already now, the faster the loading of a site and the better the position on (SEO) will be. In fact, one of the fundamental objectives that Google declares here openly is to provide the best answers to the research of its users.

Google puts users before anything else and gives more weight to certain factors.

Your Site Bounce Rate:

The “bounce rate” is one of the most interesting indicators that Google Analytics (the free web analytics service that allows you to analyze detailed statistics on visitors to a website) made available.

The bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who only visit one page of the website where they landed. The term “bounce” indicates precisely when the user arrives on the site and immediately bounces away.

With the premise that the causes of a high bounce rate are not always and only related to the speed of the site, most likely a site that loads slowly will also have a high rebound frequency.

A high rebound rate is therefore an indirect indicator of a poor website. This informs Google that the service offered by that site is not of quality .

The greater the frequency of bound the greater the negative impact in the ranking of your site 

A “cascade” this penalty inevitably leads to a decline in visits to the website.

Caused by the loss of position on the SERP of Google.

Then also a reduction in the number of potential new customers.

Number of Pages Visited on Your Site:

We have seen that the greater the loading speed of a site and the greater the involvement of users, who are certainly willing to visit other pages, new sections and spend more time on our pages. The total number of pages per visit and the time spent on a site is an indicator that makes Google understand that the site is of quality and meets the needs and requests of users. For this reason, with the same factors, the search engine will give a higher score to those pages and reward that site with more visibility.

The Google “crawl budget”:

The Crawl Budget is a value that Google assigns to your site and indicates a real budget (amount of resources) that Googlebot is willing to use to scan your site through the Google Search Console to understand how many files, pages and images are downloaded and scanned every day by the search engine.

Scanning, indexing, ranking are processes that require time and memory to the search engine and therefore a cost. Since constantly crawling every page of every website would be a huge waste of resources, Google has to decide how to divide the budget on the web and which sites deserve more resources.

Improving the speed of loading pages means better distributing this budget at every visit of the web, allowing google to enter deeper into your site and thus ensure better indexing of your content.

Lastly, which is the most Important

Your Web Host :

Your web host is the foundation of your website which every other thing depends on, it is a network service that consists of allocating the pages of your website or your web application to a server, making it accessible to the Internet and its users. Web host is a fundamental element of any successful website,

but often underestimated by many.

Choosing the right hosting for your website starts from the analysis of the characteristics of the site you are creating: from the type of site (e.g e-commerce, blog or institutional site), from the software you are using (a CMS, ad hoc websites etc.), from the amount of information and images you need to upload, etc.

This is why you need BlueHost, which covers and run effectively any type of website you choose to operate.

BlueHost grant you access to rely on well-known and high servers, which in short have the economic and technical possibility to manage security within the data center, and which can provide High SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) , the encrypted transmission of your information.

This gives you the opportunity to go up the ranks in Google SEO indexing. As stated by Google itself here, that sites with high SSL certificates will have priority over those that do not.

How to start with BlueHost?

Click here to open Bluehost website

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Getting started with BlueHost is very fast and easy.

Step 1:

On the newly opened page click on the green “get started now” button

Step 2:

Now you will see 3 different plans: starter, plus and business pro.

Step 3:

Fill in the box you see on the left by entering the name of the domain you want to choose.

Now click on the Next button to continue.


Step 4:

Fill out the information account form with your personal details.


Scroll down the page to choose some features for your hosting space in the package information pane . Among the additional services already included, I suggest you keep only the checkbox on Domain Privacy Protection:

Scroll down the page, fill in the payment details.

If you prefer to pay with Paypal , click on the “More payment options” link and select “Pay with PayPal”.
If you do not have a VAT number, leave the VAT Registration Number field blank .

Remember that with BlueHost you are covered by a 100% money back guarantee and domain registration is free!

Then click on the Next button .

Step 5: Now you can proceed with creating your account password and complete the registration process.

Congratulations, you have just completed the creation of your perfect hosting account.

Conclusion :

The speed of your website and a good ranking on search engines, depends totally on your web host provider,

It contributes together with many elements, to the ranking in SEO

For this reason it can not be underestimated.


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