How to Increase Freelance Earnings Doing Less Work Using a Software 2019

Whether you work as a freelancer, as a freelance in a co-working, or you cover the role of project manager of a communication agency or department manager within a small and medium-sized company, you will certainly have happened to having to manage a complex project.

Carrying out any type of project is like laying the foundations of a house: if they are solid it will last over time by creating good reputation for you on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork e.t.c.

Too often we all have the aptitude to give more importance to the operational and practical part of a project rather than to the aspect related to the tools to plan that project.

The management of a project as a freelancer is a meticulous job of control, planning, organization, drafting of documents and risk assessment. Nothing can be approximate and not defined, on pain of failure of the project or an exaggerated overall expense.

It is necessary to know methods for creative, flexible solutions for planning your freelance projects

This is where BeeWits itcomes in, It is a completely customizable project management suite with tools for time monitoring, project planning and communication. It stands out from the rest thanks to its highly visual interface and attractive price.

Benefits of BeeWits to Freelance

Hint Funnel: Freelance benefits from beewits

Mind Mapping: BeeWits help you find ideas and help you try your hands on various creative works.

(As well as other brainstorming functions).

With BeeWits you can also invite other project members and collaborators to share their ideas.

In this way it is also possible to easily involve the clients in the creative process.

Task Layouts: BeeWits allow the project to be divided into more or less extensive tasks to be assigned to the necessary resources. (technicians and specialists) dedicated to the project.

Results: BeeWits help track milestones, number of hours, budget, human resources, check-list, risk, responsibility and results of work.

File Sharing : With BeeWits users can share tables, documents and other data with others. BeeWits offer a main storage platform and the ability to define custom access permissions. This way all important files are always available wherever you are . You can also decide who has access to precise data.

Real-time Communication : On customized project boards you can entrust tasks and communicate progress. BeeWits has comment functions which allow for quick and easy discussion of unclear tasks and other related issues. Applications implemented are also based on consolidated forms of communication. Such as video calls, instant messaging and e-mail , as well as interfaces to classic programs, such as Outlook, Skype.

A Short Video about BeeWits


On the final note BeeWits runs a wonderful project management blog releasing tips, tricks and to guide you to productivity while managing your freelancing projects.

With BeeWits amazing features you are guaranteed to earn more doing multiple projects with less work.

And stress as a Freelancer, Online Stores, regular, large and small companies.

Try BeeWits for Free Now. You have Nothing to Lose 😀 .

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