The 4 Basic Rules to Manage Your Personal Budget and Get Rich


When you think about how to get rich, most people think that saving money is the key .

But it’s not exactly like that! When it comes to Financial Freedom , saving alone is a losing strategy .


Because money is simply a currency .

To bring value, it must move and, if it stops moving, it ends !

To avoid this, many people put their money in the bank , thinking it is a form of investment , because of the interest they incur.

Unfortunately, the interest you receive is generally offset or even exceeded by inflation.

So saving money does not mean that you are making your money grow, but rather your money loses value over time !

So relying on savings alone is not the winning strategy for becoming financially free , what can you do? First of all you have to analyze your personal budget and how you use how much you earn.

The poorest people spend more than how much they earn and do not pose the problem of earning more. They simply content themselves and adjust their standard of living to their salary.

The rich people , however, always coming up with new ways to increase their earnings and, therefore, improve their standard of living! In this article I want to share with you 4 rules that will help you better manage your personal budget and make you rich along the way.

The Basic rules to manage personal budget _ Hint Funnel
Here are the 4 Basic Rules to Manage Your Personal Budget and Get Rich

Pay Yourself First:

One of the fundamental rules to manage your money well is to set aside a part in order to make investments that produce more money activities. The problem is that, usually, only what is succeeded is set aside, without establishing a fixed sum . What remains after having paid the various fixed expenses, necessary for maintenance, is therefore set aside and, too often, nothing or too little is set aside. It is therefore necessary that you establish a prior how much to set aside, month after month, making it a priority like other expenses. A good start is to set aside at least 10% of the monthly earnings.

And you have to do it before paying for everything else.

Hence the rule ” pay yourself first “. Thanks to what has been set aside, in fact, you will have the opportunity to make investments on your person (training) or create new sources of passive income.

Your Expenses Predict Your Future:

If you want to predict your financial future , just analyze the list of your expenses. For example, which of these two people do you think has a better financial future?

  • Person A – expenses:                                                            
    Donation to charity
    Investment training books
    Subscription in the gym
    Course on real estate

    Person B – expenses:
    New shoes and clothes
    New car (in installments)
    Tickets for the stadium

Obviously I showed you two completely opposite examples. But I’m not far from the truth. When you look at the spending columns of most people, they are full of debts and unnecessary expenses, the expenses consumed is more money than they can afford.

Take a look at your expense column. What does it say about you? And how can you improve your situation?

Spend to Get Rich:

Most people stop investing and saving when they face moments of economic crisis .

The rich, on the other hand, do not.  They always devise new ways to earn more by spending more money on assets, even if they are facing a period of crisis.

In this way you will develop a mindset that will allow you to earn more money, regardless of the circumstances.

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Always Check your Credit Score:

Being able to follow the first three rules on your personal budget means building a winning mentality , which will support you even in difficult times.

This last rule is very important and most be taken very seriously.

There are various ways in which you can check your credit score but the best way is by using  Credit Sesame which helps you find the path to a perfect financial stability.

With Credit Sesame you get instant access to 100% free personal finance credit and debt management tool with no credit card required or trial period. You get to manage personal credit online, owing less in interest and saving on mortgage, loan & credit card payments.

With proper monitoring and management of your finances and credits you are sure to become richer than you ever imagined.


Who does not have a plan to achieve Financial Freedom, has a plan anyway … A plan to become poor!


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